Top Secret by Crispin Boyer


Title: Top Secret

Author:  Crispin Boyer & Suzanne Zimbler

Publisher:  National Geographic  

ISBN:  9781426339127


Do you wonder what it would be like to be a spy? This handy Top Secret guide comes with a warning that is strictly confidential. And you must read it before proceeding.

 Do you want to be a spy-in-training? If so, you will need this handbook. In this handy top secret guide you will learn about disguises, ninjas, UFOs and secret government bunkers. Keep reading and you will learn so much more. Be sure to learn how to read the cyphers on the first few pages because all throughout the book there are secret messages at the bottom of the pages.

 Did you know that Stargate, not the movie, was a classified operation using psychic’s?

Did you know that real life spy Lindsay Moran was obsessed with espionage when she was a kid after reading Harriet the Spy books?

Did you know that the Ninja were the first masters of disguise?

There are plenty of secrets of the sea in this guide. Readers will discover that the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, has swallowed 75 planes and hundres of yachts. Pilots often spoke of odd electrical fog. There is more to this location than meets the eye. Readers can learn about sunken unidentified objects, the mysterious noisy Bloop and a Chilean blob. If you are looking for a unique vacation destination perhaps you could visit the International UFO Museum And Research Center in Roswell, the International Spy Museum in D.C., Fort Knox in Kentucky or explore abandoned subway stops in New York City.

 This handy guide educates readers on the secrets and hidden gems all around us from the past and the present. Readers will be surprised to learn about celebrities that were spies, secret rooms in favorite video games, how hackers work and even animals who practice deceit. Parents and teachers will love reading and sharing this fun guide that provides so much insight into the secrets of the world we live in. Amazing photos and cool fun facts are on every page to keep readers engaged.

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