101 Life Hacks by Aubre Andrus


Title: 101 Life Hacks

Author:  Aubre Andrus

Illustrator: Various

Publisher: National Geographic Kids  

ISBN: 9781426339080 


National Geographic Kids is helping you find 101 ways to be a genius with everyday hacks that will make life so much easier. 

You might think there is only one way to eat a popsicle is with a cupcake liner to catch the melt. You might think you are conserving water by washing dishes by hand, but you aren’t. A dishwasher is designed to be water conservative and energy efficient. The next time you need to start a roaring fire be sure to bring along a bag of potato chips. We use baking soda for so many things it now has its own holiday on December 30th. 

Author Aubre Andrus has put together a fun way to get the best out of simple ideas that make life so much easier. Kids will have fun flipping through the pages and giving these hacks a try. Parents and teachers can use this tool for home and classrooms.


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