Almanac 2022 by National Geographic Kids


Title: Almanac 2022

Author: Various

Illustrator: Various

Publisher: National Geographic Kids  

ISBN:  9781426372025



National Geographic Kids 2022 Almanac is packed full of amazing photos, fun games, animals, geography, exploration and so much more. 

This year’s almanac has interesting bits regarding animals during the Covid-19 quarantine Readers will also get to see Inspector Clouseau a rare pink manta ray spotted in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Taxonomy is the way scientists classify all living things. Readers can enjoy learning about how this is done. If you find that you are intrigued by today’s technology, this handy guide shares interesting facts about phones space, inventions and what may come. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to go to the movies where a 3D screen surrounds the audience? Did you know that London has been known to shower people with edible banana confetti and peach flavored snow at midnight for New Year’s Eve? Have you ever wondered what is happening inside a volcano before it erupts? You can learn about it and some of the many volcanos around the world and the ring of fire. Did you know that there are fish that feed on fruits and seeds? Did you know that a typical cloud weighs about the same as 18 elephants? 

The National Geographic Kids almanac is full of fun and games, cool culture, animals, and loads of information about earth and space. Not only that, but this handy guide also has more than 500 colorful pictures that bring the world to the reader. Parents and teachers can use this guide as a tool to engage young learners and invite them to learn about their world. 

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