Barn at Night by Michelle Houts


Title: Barn at Night

Author: MichelleHouts

Illustrator: JenBetton

Publisher: FeedingMinds Press   

ISBN:  9781948898058


The barn is not as sleepy as you might think right before the sun begins to rise. In the early morning a young girl and her dad put on boots and coats to take care of the farm chores for the day. Together they feed the animals and clean their stalls. On one special night they see a new member has been added to the barn family. 

This story is perfect for bedtime. The soft illustrations are warm with red and yellow hues and depict the early morning activities on the farm. Bouncing rhyme is soothing and perfect for lulling young listeners to sleep. Parents and teachers can use this story to teach young ones about life on the farm.

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  1. As an animal lover, I'm going to enjoy reading this book.

    1. Thanks Danielle. It is a lovely read.


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