More Surprising Stories Behind Everyday Stuff by Stephanie Drimmer


Title: Surprising Stories Behind Everyday Stuff

Author: Stephanie Drimmer

Illustrator: Various

Publisher: National Geographic Kids   

ISBN: 9781426338656  



National Geographic Kids is well known for providing useful information to kids, parents and teachers that is interesting and engaging. This fun fact guide is intended to surprise readers about the stories behind foods, medicine, inventions, clothing and so much more. 

We’ve all used pencils, but did you know that they were made popular from a Frenchman who made hot air balloons for Napoleon’s army? Did you know that when you use a loofah in the shower that you are scrubbing with a gourd? Did you know that tissues were originally used to bandage wounds? In early Victorian times women used glue as hair gel. A Yo-yo is fun these days but hunters in the Philippines used them as weapons, but its history goes back about 1500 years. During ancient times maggots and leeches were used to clean wounds and are currently making a comeback in modern medicine. It’s been discovered that watermelon was a favorite food of ancient Egyptian Kings. 

Readers, parents, and teachers will enjoy all the snippets of things used by most people. Photos fill the pages giving readers insight on these fun facts and stories. This little book is history that has come to life and perfect for kids who want to know more about inventions.


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