Weird But True! Ocean by Julie Beer and Michelle Harris


Title: Weird But True Ocean

Author: Julie Beer and Michelle Harris

Illustrator: Various Sources

Publisher:  National Geographic Kids

ISBN: 9781426371813 


National Geographic Kids has put together some fun and interesting weird facts about the ocean kids will love. Young readers will see an amazing photo of the Sunflower Sea Star which is born with five arms but can grow up to twenty-four arms. There are plenty of other fun facts all throughout this handy guide. Did you know that a jellyfish protein was used to make ice cream glow when a person licked it? Sea cucumbers breathe through their butts. The earth’s largest waterfall is underground between Greenland and Iceland. Horeshoe crabs are relatives of spiders and they have blue blood. 

Parents and teachers can give this fun fact filled book as a gift or share it when traveling. Each page is filled with vivid imagery and illustrations sharing the story of the weird and wild fun facts concerning all things in and around the ocean. 

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity



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