Who Is Singing? by Janet Halfmann


Title: Who Is Singing?

Author: Janet Halfmann

Illustrations: Chrissy Chabot

Publisher: Pen It

ISBN: 978-1-954868-36-6



When you spend time outdoors, especially in the spring, you can hear birds singing. But do you know what type of bird you hear? This cute book celebrates various types of birds and what sound they make when they chirp. 

This delightful book is perfect for beginner readers who happen to love birds. Inside these pages readers will see a Robin, Cardinal, Blue Jay and many more. The joyous sounds they make inspires readers to look and listen for them while enjoying a walk or picnic in the park.

The colorful illustrations show birds in their natural habitats singing their songs and also gives a hint to each bird’s personality. Fun bird songs make this book a fun and interactive read. Parents and teachers can share this story to show kids what birds look like so they can spot them in their neighborhoods. 

My Inspiration

I got the inspiration for this book by listening to the cardinals in the trees near our home. Now, everyone in my family knows that a walk with me means stopping to find and listen to every bird we hear!


  1. Thanks so much for this fabulous review. So hope this book inspires kids to love and be inspired and calmed by birdsong !

  2. Thanks so much Janet. You always have such wonderful books for children.


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