The Book of Hugs by Tim Harris

 Title:  The Book of Hugs

Author: Tim Harris

Illustrator: Charlie Astrella

Publisher:  Flowerpot Press  

ISBN:  9781486721047



Did you know that January 21st is National Hugging Day? This little bear in the story loves his monkey friends and gives them lots of hugs. Sometimes they give each other a five second hug which is considered a quick hug. If you have time, you can give a slow hug which can last up to ten seconds. But before you give a hug you always want to be sure to ask the person first. 

Author Tim Harris owns a restaurant and offers hugs on the menu. So far, he has hugged or 75,000 people. Young readers will enjoy learning the rules of hugging. Fun and energetic illustrations share how wonderful giving and receiving hugs can be.


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