Caterpillar's Surprise by Janet Halfmann


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Title: Caterpillar’s Surprise

Author: Janet Halfmann

Illustrations: Emily Krueger

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

ISBN: 9781684338450



While munching on leaves a young caterpillar sees a poster for a masquerade ball. The point of this ball was for contestants to fool the judges. This is exciting to Caterpillar, and she would love to have a blue ribbon of her own. She met a baby tadpole who assured her she could win. 

As the ball date approached both Caterpillar and Tadpole changed in appearance. When it was time for Caterpillar to sleep in her chrysalis, she worried she wouldn’t awake in time for the ball. Tadpole assured her once again that she would wake Caterpillar and she would win. The day finally arrived. Caterpillar was now a beautiful Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. Would she find her friend and make it to the ball in time? 

Beautifully illustrated this book is perfect for young insect enthusiasts. Parents and teachers can discuss the various insects and other critters and their transformations. Inside these pages young readers will see caterpillars, tadpoles, fireflies, and more insects that start one way and end up another. 


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Courtesy of Janet Halfmann