Really, Pinky? A Taoist Parable


Title: Really, Pinky? A Taoist Parable

Author: Bob “Mr. Z” Zaslow

Illustrations: Pablo E. D’Alio

ISBN: 9781954346017



Imagine being a bright pink high bounce ball stuck in a bin with other balls and not being noticed by a child for play. After three long months Pinky was finally picked by a boy. Pinky was relieved that he could finally do what he was meant to do, bounce. Unfortunately for Pinky, the boy hit him so hard while playing stickball he flew over a fence and onto a garbage barge. That was when Pinky’s adventure out of the bin had begun. Pinky was found by two men, then a slobbering dog, some more kids, a sewer and an ocean. Do you think Pinky will ever make it back to land and find a forever home? 

Author Bob Zaslow better known as “Mr. Z” invites readers to look at the Taoist ideas which means a person can act by changing themselves in order to live in harmony with the universe. In this story the take-away that parents and teachers can discuss with children is that life is full of ups and downs, and they have the power to make the best of a situation. This book can also be used to discuss the emotions of happy and sad.

To learn more about Mr. Z visit his website, MrZStorytime or his YouTube channel.


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