The Mayfly and The Methuselah Tree by Bob Zaslow


Title: The Mayfly and The Methuselah Tree

Author: Bob “Mr. Z” Zaslow

Illustrations: Robert Askew

ISBN: 9781954346055


Methuselah is a tree that has been around for an exceptionally long time. He had seen it all. Day in and day out things just seemed the same, that is until he met a tiny blue Mayfly. The Mayfly landed on Methuselah, who wasn’t happy, and complimented him on his leaves and branches and how beautiful he thought they were. Methuselah is bored and annoyed at how the Mayfly was easily amazed at everything. So, he rudely told the Mayfly that he only had a day to live. Do you think that changed how the Mayfly spent the rest of his day?

Author Bob Zaslow better known as “Mr. Z” has created a story of contrast and comparison and how something old can be new again. Parents and teachers can use this as a tool to teach similarities and differences between two things.

To learn more about Mr. Z visit his website or his YouTube channel.


Courtesy Mr. Z



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