Bugs: Little Kids First Nature Guide by Alli Brydon


Title: Bugs: Little Kids First Nature Guide

Author: Alli Brydon

Illustrator: Various

Publisher: National Geographic Kids  

ISBN: 9781426371493



Bugs are amazing creatures. National Geographic Kids is sharing beautiful photos and plenty of fun facts in their Little Kids First Nature Guide series. This little book, perfect for toddlers and beginner readers, is sturdy and just what is needed for any home library. 

Young readers will get the inside scoop on butterflies, spiders, roly-polys, beetles, praying mantis, and more. Kids will learn where to spot them and how to do their own studies. There is a section on the body parts of insects too. Readers will see how butterflies grow and how bees make honey. Each page provides cool fun facts for curious kids. Parents and teachers can use this guide to engage kids in the beauty of bugs.


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