Can't Get Enough Shark Stuff by Kelly Hargrave and Andrea Silen


Title: Can’t Get Enough Shark Stuff

Author:  Kelly Hargrave and Andrea Silen

Illustrator: Various

Publisher: National Geographic Kids  

ISBN: 9781426372582



Did you know that some sharks have superpowers? The Bonnethead shark has a special fluid in its body that lets it know when other Bonnethead sharks are around. Sharks don’t sleep but they do have resting periods. The Angel shark has tiny gill slits that help it breathe when it hides under sand. 

For readers that can’t get enough of all things, sharks this guide has plenty of shark stuff. There are shark jokes, experiments, quizzes, history, and even fun facts on how some sharks keep clean. Parents and teachers can use this guide to engage readers and they can view the plethora of astonishing photos.


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