Potatoes for Pirate Pearl by Jennifer Concepcion


Title: Potatoes for Pirate Pearl

Author: Jennifer Concepcion

Illustrations: Cloe Burgett

Publisher: Feeding Minds Press

ISBN: 9781948898157



Pirate Pearl and her parrot Petunia have been at sea so long they’ve run out of food. The hardtack biscuits are no longer tasty. They must get to land and find food. They make their way to a farm and befriend a farmer named Fay.  Farmer Fay teaches Pearl and Petunia about a plant she grows called a potato. They learn what delicious meals they can make out of a potato and even how to grow them. They help work the farm and get to stock the ship with potatoes. 

This lively story of potatoes is fun and educational. Colorful illustrations are cheery and engaging. Parents, teachers, and gardeners can read all of the fun facts, recipes, and how to grow potatoes from the back pages. 

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