The Littlest Weaver by Robin Hall


Title:  The Littlest Weaver

Author: Robin Hall

Illustrations: Stella Lim

Publisher: Familius LLC

ISBN:  9781641709774



Laurel and her Pa live in the Southern Highlands of Appalachia. To make a living they weave story rugs. Although Laurel is quite small, she has a gift for weaving and has a big imagination to create beautifully colored rugs. On market days they go to town to sell their rugs. One day they encounter a lonely and sad stranger and make it their mission to make him a rug that will change his sadness into happiness. After solving the mystery of what would make him happy what do you think Laurel did? 

This heartfelt story of kindness and friendship is filled with soft colors and short sentences that set the scene and the character's determination. Parents and teachers can use this as a guide to teach young children about being creative, emotions, friendship, and kindness.