The Year We Learned To Fly by Jacqueline Woodson


Title: The Year We Learned To Fly

Author: Jacqueline Woodson

Illustrations: Rafael Lopez

Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books

ISBN: 9780399545535



It’s stormy outside which means a young brother and sister have to find something to do inside, besides fight and bicker with each other. With some kind words of advice from their grandmother, they lifted their arms, closed their eyes, took a deep breath, and believed in a thing. 

The young siblings listened to the advice and soon they were no longer inside. They flew over the city and saw flowers, birds, and butterflies. They laughed and flew and learned how to imagine just like their ancestors before them. They remembered that their grandmother said their ancestors had also learned to break their chains and fly like they had. 

This lovely story of family, ancestry, and vivid imagination can teach young readers how to prevail when life throws them challenges. The brightly colored illustrations will engage young readers and uplift their day. Parents, teachers, and caregivers will find this story a perfect read-a-loud because of the sing-song verses throughout the pages.


Courtesy of Jacqueline Woodson