There's A Yeti In My Tummy by Meredith Rusu


Title: There’s A Yeti In My Tummy

Author: Meredith Rusu

Illustrations: Martin Moron

Publisher: 4U2B Books & Media

ISBN: 9780829457056



Matthew sat at the breakfast table right before it was time to go to school. It wasn’t going to be a normal day for him, and he knew it right away. Something was grumbling in his tummy, and it wasn’t bad food. He was feeling antsy, giddy, and silly and felt like it could burst out at any moment. Guess what? It did! What do you think Matthew did all day long? 

This hilarious, action-packed story will cause kids to release their own Yeti. Colorful, yet lively illustrations depict all of the emotions a Yeti can muster. Parents, teachers, and caregivers will enjoy reading the bouncing rhyme to engage young listeners even more.


Courtesy Smith Publicity