The Bumble Brothers – The Not-So-Secret Clubhouse by Steve Metzger


Title: The Bumble Brothers – The Not-So-Secret Clubhouse

Author: Steve Metzger

Illustrations: Brian Schatell

Publisher: Reycraft

ISBN: 9781478881940



The Bumble Brothers are at it again! This time they are plotting and planning to find a secret clubhouse, but where do they begin? Their parents want them to get out of the house instead of playing Swampland, a popular video game. After splitting a donut, they see classmate Rebecca Wood. They invite her to be in their secret club and they set out to find a perfect spot in a nearby park. 

When the group discovers that the park is a busy place, they finally discover a great spot by a bunch of pine trees. But before they can enter, they must decide on a secret password. Unfortunately, there were some other kids nearby who wanted to know what they were up to. For the Bumble Brothers will their group of three continue to be a secret, or will it become a secret group of several? 

Author Steve Metzger has created another hilarious read for kids. It is infused with silly and colorful artwork by illustrator Brian Schatell. This middle-grade graphic novel is packed with silly antics, sibling rivalry, and friendship. Young readers will laugh out loud at the banter between the brothers. Parents, teachers, and librarians can use this as a tool to get hesitant readers to want to pick up this fun, fast-paced read.


Courtesy of Steve Metzger


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The Junior Library Guild has chosen The Bumble Brothers: Crazy for Comics as a Gold Standard Selection.