The Spirit of the North Wind by Anthony Anselmo


Title: The Spirit of the North Wind

Author: Anthony Anselmo

Illustrations: Native Artists

Publisher: Black Bears & Blueberries

ISBN: 9798986298139



Thirteen-year-old Sody Fairbanks is going through a few major adjustments in his life. First, his family is moving away from his best friends Chester and Dakota Sody’s family will be staying in a temporary home, a camper, close to his grandparents at Lake Napolean and Lake Brushanti. 

After a day of summer fun, Sody and his family sat by a campfire waiting for Grandpa to tell a story. Sody asked to hear about the Windigo, which was a bad word to say out loud. It was the name of the ancient Ojibwe which was an evil spirit. Stories like that were only told during the winter. To go against it would manifest the manidoog. This was not good and was where Sody’s scary adventure would begin. 

This story features family and friendship. There is plenty of adventure, mystery and challenges. Young readers, especially boys, will find the characters here relatable and humorous. Parents and teachers can use this as a tool to teach Ojibwe culture and even some of the language.


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