The Adventures of Pete The Squirrel - In The House


Title: The Adventures of Pete the Squirrel – In the House

Author: Richard Oshen

Illustrations: Uliuana Barabash

Publisher: Katlandia Productions

ISBN: 9798987489437



Pete the squirrel wakes up from his nap feeling very hungry. At a home close by, Pete notices a large bowl of walnuts in the window. Pete discovered that it wasn’t so easy to get inside but once he did, he helped himself to a tasty treat. Unfortunately, the owners show up and Pete is trapped with no escape plan. Do you think that Pete will be able to get home safe and sound? 

Author Richard Oshen has created a delightful story of friendship. These colorful illustrations share the action and surprise. Oversized words are highlighted to give this story plenty of zing! Parents and teachers can share this story as a read-a-loud or as a perfect first-read book for beginners.


Courtesy Katlandia Productions