National Library Week 2024


Image courtesy of Dall E AI

National Library Week is an annual event that celebrates the contributions of libraries and library workers to our society. Established by the American Library Association (ALA) in 1958, this week-long observance aims to promote the use of libraries, advocate for library funding, and highlight the transformative impact of libraries on individuals and communities.

During National Library Week, people are encouraged to:

Visit their local library: Many libraries have special events planned for the week. It’s the perfect time to explore your library, meet the librarians, check out books, and discover all the resources it offers.

Share their library love: Participants can share what they appreciate most about their library on social media using the hashtag #HowILibrary. There’s a chance to win prizes, including a VISA gift card and ALA Graphics posters.

So, whether you’re a book lover, a parent looking to ignite a passion for reading in your child, or someone who values community spaces, National Library Week provides an opportunity to celebrate the invaluable role of libraries in our lives!