J Is for Juneteenth by Jamariah Cross, Kimani Prince and Ariyah Webster


Title: J Is for Juneteenth

Authors: Jamariah Cross, Kimani Prince and Ariyah Webster

Illustrations: Reyhana Ismail

Publisher: Planting People Growing Justice Press

ISBN: 9781959223221



This ten-letter word carries immense significance and embodies the principles of justice, freedom, equality, and jubilation. In this story, the letter J and the letters that follow it, have been commemorated since 1865. 

Authored by three young students, this narrative explains the reasons behind the annual celebration of Juneteenth on June 19th. The story is artfully depicted, with each letter symbolizing the emancipation announcement to the slaves who had waited two years after the Civil War for their freedom. Its straightforward language renders it accessible and comprehensible, serving as an ideal tool to educate young readers on the importance of this date. 

Educators, parents, and guardians are encouraged to utilize this book as a valuable tool for educating children about Black History, including topics such as slavery, freedom, culture, and the legal landscape of the era. This story encourages meaningful discussions and promotes a deeper understanding of this significant period in history. Additionally, the supplementary resources provided on the back pages of the book offer further opportunities to learn more about Juneteenth.

 Courtesy of Planting People Growing Justice