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I Swear
Lane Davis
BIBLIO:2012, Simon & Schuster, 12 to 18, $9.99.
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN: 9781442435070

High school is supposed to be fun. Students can connect with their social groups and exist like most normal teens, whatever that may entail. But, there are also that handful of teens who are sometimes caught in the traps of a bully. Leslie Gatlin was just that teen and the pressure and hate she endured put her in a position to leave town, but ultimately she made the decision to take her own life. Whose to blame? Shouldn't someone pay for all of the abuse? Her parents thought so. Readers will follow along as Leslie's story unfolds. Jake, the promising school jock, was in love with Leslie but she felt compelled to reject him because of the verbal abuse and punishment she received from Macie Merrick. Macie is the typical spoiled little rich girl and daughter of a well known politician who happens to have a lot of local power. Macie was smart. She had her followers doing all of her dirty work. The followers were Katherine, the beauty queen, Beth the lesbian gymnast and Krista the retro geek. All had been friends with Leslie at one point in time and all had severed their ties with her to save themselves from the wrath of Macie. When Leslie's parents bring charges against this motley crew and the depositions begin, who will finally stand up and tell the truth for Leslie?

Davis has created a tale that twists and turns. Right when you think you've figured it out you really haven't. This fast paced read will have readers chomping at the bit. Some adult language can be found here. Well written vivid imagery brings the characters to life and has the reader standing by to see what happens next.

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