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Author Steve Metzger has written more than 80 books for kids. He is an award-winning author and he has a new book out. I had the opportunity to share an interview with him last year and am honored to do it again.

Kristi's Book Nook Author Highlight Interview:


What’s next for the Bumble Brothers? 

In book #3 (Frabbit: The Birth of a Superhero), the brothers are obsessed with acquiring the first ever Frabbit comic book, a rare collector’s item. But it’s $40 and they only have $4. This leads them to try some very silly money-making schemes. 

If the Bumble Brothers are twins, what made you decide to make them look so different? 

I like them being fraternal twins because if they were identical, it would be hard for the readers (and me) to tell them apart. 

What will kids learn from this new Bumble Brothers book? 

Let’s see…what will they learn…good question. I guess they’ll learn that:

- Perseverance works in achieving one's goals

- Don’t be afraid of nature

- It’s hard to keep a “secret” clubhouse a secret when you can’t stop talking about it 

Will you be doing any book tours? 

Sponsored by Northshire Bookstore, I visited three elementary schools in the Troy, NY area. 

Will you be visiting any schools? If so, which ones? 

Yes, I’ve been doing a bunch of terrific school visits. So far, I’ve been to Madison Primary (Madison, Virginia), Otsego Elementary (Dix Hill, NY), and George A. Jackson Elementary School (Jericho, NY). In the next few weeks, I’ll be visiting Strelitz Academy (Virginia Beach, Virginia), and Sylvan Ave. Elementary School (Bayport, NY). 

What will parents and teachers love most about this new book? 

I hope that parents and teachers will love to see children being so attracted to the humor of the Bumble Brothers and that they’ll want to read it again and again – and then, more importantly, they’ll want to read a diverse selection of books. 

What's your next project? 

I’m working on a (hopefully) funny picture book about turkeys.



Thank you so much Steve for taking the time to share your book and creative process for writing for children.

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Steve Metzger - Biography

Steve Metzger is the award-winning author of more than 80 children's books, including The Way I Act (approved for classroom use by the California Department of Education), Detective Blue (IRA-CBC Children's Choice List, SLJ starred review), Pluto Visits Earth! (ABC Best Books for Children), and Yes, I Can Listen!, a Eureka Honor Award winner from the California Reading Association. His latest graphic novels, The Bumble Brothers: Crazy for Comics! (chosen by the Junior Library Guild as a Gold Standard Selection) and the just-published The Bumble Brothers: The Not-So-Secret Clubhouse!

Steve lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.